Hello! My name is Filippa and I am what a lot of people call a fangirl... Hence the very accurate blog name :) I'm an 18-year-old girl from Sweden. I'm a senior, I suppose (we don't say that in Sweden), and I graduate in 2017. I'm a natural science student. What I'll do with my life after I graduate school will remain a mystery.

I love everything book and reading related. I also adore TV-shows and movies, but I prefer books over the other two most of the time. But I fangirl about TV-shows as much as I do about books, so you can prepare yourselves for posts about my favorite TV-shows as well as about my favorite books. And I'll write movie related posts too, because I love movies (needless to say). Basically, I'll write about things that make me fangirl...

Favorite book genres:

YA, Mystery, Magical Realism, Fantasy, Romance, Historical Fiction, Dystopia

Favorite TV-shows:

This is in no particular order, because that's something I just can't do I love all of them but with different kinds of love, you know?
The non-comedies: LOST, Prison Break, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Orphan Black, Stranger Things, Outlander, How to Get Away with Murder, 11.22.63, Homeland, Revolution and Revenge
The comedies: Modern Family, Orange is the New Black and Misfits

Most watched movies:

AKA my "go-to-sleep-movies" that I watched every night for at least one month.
Cheaper by the Dozen 1 and 2, Code Name: the Cleaner, Just Go with It, Freaky Friday, John Tucker Must Die, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Cars, She's the Man, Step Brothers, Bee Movie, Liar Liar, White Chicks and You Again.

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